Bush Tucker Incursion


To tie in with our Geography Unit students got hands-on with a range of local native plants and learnt about growth, features and traditional uses. Students also learnt about the Nyoongar seasons and how the traditional landowners used the various plants at different times of the year.


Math Focus


We have begun to learn about money. We have been learning about the different coins and their values. We have also been learning how to count money and how to make different amounts using various coin varieties.  

Reinforcing these concepts at home will support this essential life skill.

Ways to help your child at home –

 Introducing pocket money.

Giving children the opportunity to help pay at the shops. 

Happy Shopping 🙂



Light! Light! Light!

Science Blog- Light

In Science we have been learning all about Light, today we learnt about natural and artificial forms of light. We were captivated exploring this concept using manipulatives such as Play-dough and Lego. Keep posted to see our finished Kaleidoscopes!


Math Time!

Math Blog picture 3

Maths Rotations are an important part of our day in Year 1. We love learning all about numbers and how they relate to each other. Getting up out of our seats, being hands on and using our iPads makes learning Maths easier and fun!