Peninsula Farm Excursion

What a fabulous day we had at Peninsula Farm.

The children had a tour of the house, looked at artifacts, tried their hand at sewing, played old fashioned games, and sketched a coat of arms for the Farm. I’m sure they will have more stories to share with you at home.

Here are some photos from our experience today.

Harmony Day in Year 3

A HUGE thank you to all the parents who contributed a delicious dish to our shared morning tea for Harmony Day. The children had a lovely morning tea, discussing their family heritage and the food they brought along.

We wrote Harmony Day themed acrostic poems, and designed and wrote Harmony Day postcards. Keep an eye out in the Year 3 corridor and on our windows for these thoughtful pieces of work!

Mental Maths in 3B

In 3B, we have been practicing our 2 times tables by looking at the arrays we made with stickers. We also played a card game in pairs, taking turns to flip a card and multiply it by 2. The highest score won! We had to remember to work out the times tables, say it out loud, and not just look at the highest card number!