2015 – The Year 3B Superstars!

With Mrs Randazzo & Mrs Dickson


  1. G’day 3B,
    Welcome to the student blogging challenge and what great avatars you have made. It is a steep learning curve when you first start blogging for both your teacher and yourself. Keep up the great work!

    • Thanks. We are glad you liked our avatars as we enjoyed creating them. Now we are ready and keen to share some of our work.

    • Good day to you, Miss W. Thank you for your comment and support.

      Today, we are learning about paper blogging with Mrs Randazzo and Mr Graffin. We are going to publish our limericks as paper blogs with a border, background, pictures, and funny poems for people to enjoy. Next week, we are going to learn about commenting.

      Do you enjoy reading limericks?


      Year 3B

  2. Lovely to see you underway 3B. I love your Avatars!

  3. What fantastic avatars you have created 3B. Such talent. Did you enjoy creating your avatars?
    We are looking forward to seeing what is happening in your classroom.

  4. Hello 3B Superstars,

    I love your blog.Your pictures are very interesting and colourful. Well done.Thank you for sharing it with us!!

    Ria :]

  5. Very exciting 3b… looking forward to many more exciting blog/posts!

  6. How do you get an avatar for your contact?

    • Hi Maria. You can create an avatar using an avatar creation tool, such as http://faceyourmanga.com/. To have it attached to your blog comments, you need to talk to your teacher about maybe setting up a Gravatar, but you have to be 13 years old to sign up for that by yourself.


      Mr Graffin

  7. Well done 3B with your avatars.


    Mrs Dickson