As we draw to the end of the first term the girls were asked to reflect on their achievements over the last ten busy weeks.

As I look back on my last six years at Iona I remember every year the school and how the school has changed my outlook on life. This term has been like no other. We have got laptops, there’s a great teacher, we performed at St Patrick’s Day, had great fun at the waterslides and even had almost two weeks off! – Maggie

In 4A we have learnt so much about technology and how to be a great friend. Some people got their red P’s and some people need to improve their handwriting. – Freja

I have learnt much more with all the teachers this term and Mrs du Toit pushes me to do my best. Mrs du Toit has this thing when she gets us to say, “I can, I can” She pushes on our arms really hard and you “CAN” hold them up! – Georgie

I love school because you do something fun and different every day. I also love finding all of the “Friendly Pairs” and ‘Friendly Jumps” in Maths. – Stephanie

I love Maths because we get to learn more because it is fun. – Koko

At Iona I have learnt so much and I love my teachers. I love doing Spelling, English and Religion. I am very excited because we have got our laptops. – Ella

I was very excited about using computes. I learnt how to make a file and how to download apps and Airdrop and Airplay. I used to know nothing on computers before but now I am a pro! – Neve

I have definitely learnt more and I got into Challenge! I was ever so proud of myself and excited to tell my mum. I have also found a new way and easier way of doing maths. – Amelia

Looking back at term one of Year Four, I have been excited about learning more things: having a laptop and having new teachers. What I have experienced this year so far is water slides, swimming carnivals, St Patrick’s Day, plenty of days off and new friends. – Saskia

Today, for the first time, we made a song using list words. Charlotte, Grace and I did it to “Dessert”. I thought it was really fun and we videoed it. – Abigail

I also thought squad swimming was fun but trying. The Carnivals were really cool, especially the Inter School Carnival. I really, really love that we’ve been allowed to use laptops so often. Reading Eggs is really fantastic, same as Mathletics. I am really proud of myself for getting a gold medal in Mathletics. – Holly

This term has been a great opportunity to make new friends and to meet new girls. I was very excited to have the opportunity to have my very own computer. – Charlotte

I have just started at Iona. I was excited about coming to Iona. It was a bit hard working in a different type of style. But as the term went on it got easier. I really like the Maths. –Laura

The St Patrick’s Day was fun because we did the Liturgic dance. I was excited to do the dance. – Abi

In Year 4 we get pen licenses and lots of people have them and they get to write in pen in Handwriting. – Emily

I love working in groups and working with different people. – Lucia

The space of the classroom 4A is massive, which is good because there is more room to do work and I like how we are learning an unusual language, Indonesian. – Grace

I just love Iona a lot, not only friends, but assembly and my teachers. – Sofia

I am really excited about getting my pen license this term. A “Red P” means you can write in blue pen in your handwriting book and a “Green P” means you can write in pen in everything except maths. – Lilly



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  1. Thank you for putting my sentence in Mrs DuTiot.I loved everyone elses sentences as well.I really like how Amelia included challenge and how Holly included the swimming carnivals and how Saskia and Maggie included waterslides.They were so much fun!!!! I could go on and say something I like about all of them because they are all so good!

  2. Congratulations to the students that go to Lona. It’s a great accomplishment that you made it through another term. I’m very happy for those who have learned new things like Freja. Freja learned more about technology and even made great friends. I am very happy for her and the other girls. I wish everyone the best of luck for the rest of your year. – Casey Houska

  3. I love how all of these students have such positive attitudes toward school. You all sound like you are having so much fun and learning a lot, especially in Math! After reading your term reflections, I have noticed that you have gotten some new computers. I am glad to here that you are learning how to use the computer and its settings properly, that is a great skill to have when you are older. Your teachers also seem very creative since they have made songs and games to help you understand certain topics. I hope you all enjoy school next year as much as you did in this year and I hope you continue to love to work and learn.

  4. It seems like your school is pretty fun even though the first term just ended. Congratulations on getting your computers its a lot easier to type things instead of hand writing everything. In America we only have a couple weeks of school left before we go into 9th grade and move into the high school. I enjoyed reading all your reflections.

  5. Congratulations on completing your first term! From reading your reflections, it seems like all of you have been doing a lot of fun things. I wish I could go on waterslides and perform on St. Patrick’s day in school like you guys do. Here in the United States we are about to finish up our fourth term and head into summer. I hope you enjoy the rest of your school year as much as you enjoyed your first term!

  6. Congratulations of finishing your first term at school in America we call it marking period by the way. You all seem like you are having fun at your school which is good. keep school feeling fun so it’s not boring and enjoy learning. We in America are almost done school with only a few weeks left. I enjoyed reading your reflection.

  7. I think your school seems very interesting, and definitely more fun than mine. I wish I got to go on watersides, and I love St. Patrick’s Day. The pen licenses seem cool, but I personally prefer pencil to pen. I wish that we got to use laptops in school. I…am really bad at writing.

  8. Hi my name is Hailey and I am from the US. I enjoyed reading your reflections from your term one. Since I live in the United States my school year is ending very soon, as yours just started. In a couple of months I will going to the high school. Overall I had a really good experience in eight grade and it influnced me as a person a lot.

  9. It is great to hear that it sounds like you are enjoying school so far. It is wonderful that you have gotten laptops this year and you are all enjoying what you are learning. It is interesting to hear that you are beginning school while in the United States, the school year is almost finished. I hope that you all continue to enjoy school and learn as much as you can. Good luck!


  10. I saw all of these comments. I am about to end our last marking period as you start your first. Your comments were all interesting. I hope you have a good school year. My school has a lot of work. My favorite part is lunch.

  11. Dear students,
    I am an 8th grade(year 8) student at Newtown Middle school in PA, U.S.A. Sounds like you’ve had a great first term. Here, we’re almost done our entire year! Good luck!

    Aaron Abraham

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