At the bird incursion I learnt that there are 3 different species of black cockatoo. I learnt that one species has to bite the rim of the nut to get it out, but the other doesn’t. They are almost full size at 6 months. They eat 128 honkey nuts a day. They nest all together on the same tree. Lill

At the incursion I learnt that………
Black cockatoos each pretty much any thing they can find. I also learnt the female bird sits on the egg and the boy finds the food and water.
Thirdly I learnt that they are very, very noisy. I also know it is very hard to tell what bird is older.  Lastly Black Cockatoos need a lot of space to fly or they will crash into cars and other things. Stephanie

Today my class had an incursion about Australia birds. One thing I learned is that there are three types of black cockatoos. I also learned that they only have slight differences like the shape of their beak and the colour of their tail feathers. My favourite fact of the day was the black cockatoos take four hours a day to eat their food. They eat honkey nuts as food. I learned that we shouldn’t send balloons with strings on them into the sky because the string can wrap around the birds feet and kill them. Laura