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Cockatoo Circus

At the bird incursion I learnt that there are 3 different species of black cockatoo. I learnt that one species has to bite the rim of the nut to get it out, but the other doesn’t. They are almost full size at 6 months. They eat 128 honkey nuts a day. They nest all together on the same tree. Lill

At the incursion I learnt that………
Black cockatoos each pretty much any thing they can find. I also learnt the female bird sits on the egg and the boy finds the food and water.
Thirdly I learnt that they are very, very noisy. I also know it is very hard to tell what bird is older.  Lastly Black Cockatoos need a lot of space to fly or they will crash into cars and other things. Stephanie

Today my class had an incursion about Australia birds. One thing I learned is that there are three types of black cockatoos. I also learned that they only have slight differences like the shape of their beak and the colour of their tail feathers. My favourite fact of the day was the black cockatoos take four hours a day to eat their food. They eat honkey nuts as food. I learned that we shouldn’t send balloons with strings on them into the sky because the string can wrap around the birds feet and kill them. Laura




Excitement builds for the Olympics and Book Week

There are only 7 days to the Olympics and the girls are excited. We will be looking at a little of the history of the Olympic movement and are preparing our school assembly item. Watch out for this presentation!

Book Week is also going to be celebrated and enjoyed by the girls and staff! We will be dressing up in our favourite character to celebrate the them of this year’s Book Week – Australia: Story Country. Girls are also allowed to link this with the Olympics and dress up as their favourite sports person.

We will also be presenting our Paper Bag Book Reviews during this time.

More to follow in the coming days.


Raising the Aboriginal Flag

On Friday 24 June the Aboriginal flag was raised at school after a ceremony explaining the significance of the flag and the theme of this year’s NAIDOC week celebrations. The theme of this year’s NAIDOC Week celebration is Songlines: The living narrative of our nation.

We were privileged to have Clancy raise the flag for the first time. This project was made possible by a donation from PAL’s and a small group of enthusiastic and supportive parents.

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Six Season Sustainability

Today we learnt some amazing facts about the native bush and how Aboriginal people used what nature provided to make food tasty, delicious drinks and medicine. We also learnt about the importance of the six seasons and how this impacted on the movement of the Aboriginal people from the coast into the interior to avoid the harsh, cold winters.





Nutting out Numero

The school hall was a buzz on Wednesday as Julie Richards from R.I.C came in to teach the upper primary girls the skills required to play Numero. The girls were challenged and left the hall excited and keen to develop their skills

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Reflection Day

During this term we have been preparing for the celebration of the Sacrament of the Eucharist. Sr Catherine prepared a wonderful day of reflection, group activities and the opportunity to spend some time with Father James in the Chapel.


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Term 1 Reflection

As we draw to the end of the first term the girls were asked to reflect on their achievements over the last ten busy weeks.

As I look back on my last six years at Iona I remember every year the school and how the school has changed my outlook on life. This term has been like no other. We have got laptops, there’s a great teacher, we performed at St Patrick’s Day, had great fun at the waterslides and even had almost two weeks off! – Maggie

In 4A we have learnt so much about technology and how to be a great friend. Some people got their red P’s and some people need to improve their handwriting. – Freja

I have learnt much more with all the teachers this term and Mrs du Toit pushes me to do my best. Mrs du Toit has this thing when she gets us to say, “I can, I can” She pushes on our arms really hard and you “CAN” hold them up! – Georgie

I love school because you do something fun and different every day. I also love finding all of the “Friendly Pairs” and ‘Friendly Jumps” in Maths. – Stephanie

I love Maths because we get to learn more because it is fun. – Koko

At Iona I have learnt so much and I love my teachers. I love doing Spelling, English and Religion. I am very excited because we have got our laptops. – Ella

I was very excited about using computes. I learnt how to make a file and how to download apps and Airdrop and Airplay. I used to know nothing on computers before but now I am a pro! – Neve

I have definitely learnt more and I got into Challenge! I was ever so proud of myself and excited to tell my mum. I have also found a new way and easier way of doing maths. – Amelia

Looking back at term one of Year Four, I have been excited about learning more things: having a laptop and having new teachers. What I have experienced this year so far is water slides, swimming carnivals, St Patrick’s Day, plenty of days off and new friends. – Saskia

Today, for the first time, we made a song using list words. Charlotte, Grace and I did it to “Dessert”. I thought it was really fun and we videoed it. – Abigail

I also thought squad swimming was fun but trying. The Carnivals were really cool, especially the Inter School Carnival. I really, really love that we’ve been allowed to use laptops so often. Reading Eggs is really fantastic, same as Mathletics. I am really proud of myself for getting a gold medal in Mathletics. – Holly

This term has been a great opportunity to make new friends and to meet new girls. I was very excited to have the opportunity to have my very own computer. – Charlotte

I have just started at Iona. I was excited about coming to Iona. It was a bit hard working in a different type of style. But as the term went on it got easier. I really like the Maths. –Laura

The St Patrick’s Day was fun because we did the Liturgic dance. I was excited to do the dance. – Abi

In Year 4 we get pen licenses and lots of people have them and they get to write in pen in Handwriting. – Emily

I love working in groups and working with different people. – Lucia

The space of the classroom 4A is massive, which is good because there is more room to do work and I like how we are learning an unusual language, Indonesian. – Grace

I just love Iona a lot, not only friends, but assembly and my teachers. – Sofia

I am really excited about getting my pen license this term. A “Red P” means you can write in blue pen in your handwriting book and a “Green P” means you can write in pen in everything except maths. – Lilly



Inter-school carnival fun

The Inter-school Carnival provided opportunities for every Year 4 girl to swim in more that 2 events and enjoy the competition and fun of the day. A thank you to all who participated in the event. Enjoy our slide show.