On Friday, Year 4 were so lucky. Aria and Mrs Brotherson organised a special visit from 95 year friend Mr Bailey to chat to students about his life. He spoke of his pet dog Chum and little pet kangaroo. He grew up with no fridge, no electricity and no car! Imagine that. Mr Bailey was alive before planes were invented. His school had only 1 teacher and 1 room.Once he even got in trouble for renting his pet pony to friends during school! Mr Bailey grew up on a farm and later moved back to England with his mother. It took 6 weeks to sail there!

In England, he signed up to work in the army for 12 years. I don’t think he knew what he was getting into! World War 2 broke out as Hitler invaded Poland. Poor (and lucky!) Mr Bailey was even blown up by a bomb at Dunkirk, luckily he survived. He was later married and has so many great grand children and great great grand children.

We really enjoyed your stories and you giving up your time to chat to us Mr Bailey!

Thank you from Year 4
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