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April 5, 2016
by lmcgregor

Term 1 Swimming Carnivals


Iona Presentation Primary school had their school faction swimming carnival on the 11th March and the year 5 JIGSA carnival on the 15th March both of these events were held at the Iona College pool.

Iona Faction Carnival 

March 11 saw the year 4, 5 & 6’s take to the college swimming pool to battle it out to see which house would be the 2016 winning team. The atmosphere was great, the houses were cheering and everyone was  having a great time. At the start of the event Treacey was winning O’Dowling 2nd, O’Halloran was coming 3rd and Moynihan 4th. It stayed in that order for most of the day but in the few final races Moynahan managed to jump ahead of O’Halloran. In the end Treacey came first buy 50+ points.

Year 5 winners: 

3rd place: Sophie S

Runner up: Ella S

Champion girl: Charlotte D

Top effort by all who swam and congratulation to the winners!


Year 5 Interschool Carnival 

On Wednesday, March 15th all year 5 girls walked to Iona college for the JIGSA swimming carnival. The schools competing were St Hilda’s, St Mary’s and Perth Collage. The day was about having fun and giving it your best shot. There were the usual freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke and butterfly races but for a bit of fun there were boogie board races and noodle races.

Also we got to see so many different people, and achieved lots of ribbons. It was really fun meeting new people and seeing some friends from other schools.


By Ella, Grace and Phoebe

March 7, 2016
by lmcgregor
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Year 5 Camp to Point Peron!

We arrived at school on the 22nd of February, but this was not a normal school day, it was early and we were prepared for an adventure, this adventure was, drumroll please, CAMP! When we arrived at Point Peron, we met the owner, Roger. We were separated into three dormitories, Penguins, Birds and Seals. After we had morning tea and a drink and were separated into three groups for our activities.

Our first activity was rafting. We were given instructions to build a raft in teams of four or five. After we had finished constructing our rafts, we put our teamwork to the test with a few races. We then rinsed off and had lunch – HUGE BURGERS!

After lunch we moved onto the beach games. There were three games, the first was trying to fill up a huge barrel with holes in it, with water. The second game was called flags, and last but not least, we had a boogie board relay. Our last activity was prusiking, where we had to climb up a rope with our own body weight. We think all the year 5’s will agree that this was the best activity.
After prusiking, we had lasagna and chips for dinner, then went on a short walk. As we were getting settled for bed, we were called into a large room to watch Ice Age.

We woke up the next morning, quite early, to get ready for Penguin Island. For breakfast we had cereal and pancakes, then we were off. First we went on a cruise and saw dolphins and a sea lion. Then we had morning tea and shortly after that we saw penguins. We later went for a walk around Penguin Island  and had a sand castle competition and then had some lunch. Then we caught the ferry back to the mainland and  caught the bus home. It was the best camp ever!

By Tess, Greta, and Ashley