Our Robot Adventure!

At the end of this term our three classes have taken on a Planet Rover Challenge. We have to design a terrain, plan our robot, create our robot and then test it out.

All three classes have different robots. Our robot is the Lego We-Do 2.0 and some classmates have been chosen to use the EV3’s. Our challenge is to visit as many different special features in our terrain as we can. Our rover has to complete its journey in four minutes or under. This is a very fun experience!



Christmas Arrives In 5C

This week in year 5c we’ve been preparing for Christmas!! We have made lots of progress decorating the christmas tree with fun and sparkly baubles.  We have coloured in Santas with long beards and wrote a kind gesture that we will perform for a classmate on twelve sections of his beard.  We are designing CRAZY santas with all sorts of wacko ideas.

Our classroom has been given a holiday look to show people that Christmas is right around the corner. 5c’s christmas hamper has been overflowing with christmas delights for families in need. We have commenced sharing our secret santa gifts for one another and have been creating our own christmas carols to perform to the pre-primary and year ones.

It has been a crazy week jammed packed with work and christmas activities.  Week seven has been a BLAST and we’ve had lots of fun.


Presentation Day


On Monday the 21st of November was Presentation Day at the IONA.   At 9:25 our class walked to the high school to have a mass. We celebrated mass in the college sport centre. As soon as the mass had ended everyone walked outside to have a lemonade icy pole. They were delicious. Once we had finished our icy poles our class walked back to the primary school.

We finally made it back to the primary school.  We were handed a sausage sizzle, a juice and a freddo frog. Our class walked down onto the oval and ate our sausage sizzle and freddo frog but we also drank our juices. Once we all finished,  we were dismissed for lunch. Everyone ran off to play. Sadly lunch finished so everyone walked up to their classes. We had no idea about the fun we were about to experience.

We weren’t in class for long because we were going to do activities. We were put into our factions which made our groups. The activities that we did were folk dancing with Mrs Perica, making a lantern with Mrs Martino and Mrs Charles, treasure hunt with Mrs Verlaque, Mrs Debuf and Miss McGregor and tug of war with Mr O and Mr Mack.

As soon as we finished all of the activities it was time to go home.



On the Thursday the 17th November we did First Aid.  A lady from St John’s Ambulance came to teach us Resuscitation. Her name was Megan.

We learnt DRSAB.

Which is
D Danger
R Response
S Send
A Airway
B Breathing


Megan chose a volunteer up to help her demonstrate how to follow DRSAB.

For danger we checked for danger to ourselves, the patient and bystanders. Next, we checked for response by talking and squeezing the patient’s shoulders and hands for response. Our third step was Send, calling 000. Then we checked Airway by opening the mouth and looking inside and removing anything inside. We learnt how to put the patient on their side. Lastly, was breathing.   We put our hand in front of their mouth and nose to feel breathing.

We practiced this with a partner.  We asked Megan questions at the end.


The Spectacular Term Four Sports Carnival!

We had heaps of fun at the sports carnival this term and hope the rest of the school did too. This year was the first time that both the upper school and the lower school had the carnival together on the same day. The weather was great and so many more people attended and cheered for their team, creating a very positive atmosphere. With all of the extra help, this sports carnival was better than ever!

Well done to Moynihan for coming first with one thousand, one hundred and sixty nine points. Treacey came second scoring one thousand, one hundred and forty seven points. Next, O’ Dowling beat O’ Halloran by only five points.  O’ Dowling came 3rd with eight hundred and ninety nine points. The runner up from grade five was Jemma from Moynihan and the grade five champ was Charlotte from O’Dowling! Congratulations!

I hope we have more fantastic weeks like this before the end of the year!

By Chloe

Leadership Roles

This week at Iona we have been talking about the leadership roles for next year and what role we would like to put ourselves forward for. The roles we will be voting for are Head Girl, sports captains, library monitors, digital captains, cultural captains and pastoral care representatives.

To vote we will have a secret ballot. To make our votes count, we number the names that we think are good role models on the list. The roles that I would like are sports captain or pastoral care.

The girls who want to be head girl have to write a letter to Mrs Anderson. Mrs Anderson and the teachers will decide the short list. We will be voting next week and we will find out who gets the roles of each position at the end of the term.


School Leadership Roles

In school, we have been learning about school roles for next year!

This term we will vote for the students we think will make great leaders.  The leadership roles are: Digital Captains,  Sports captains, Cultural captains, Library Monitors and the most important job of all, Head Girl!

Even the students who don’t get a role,  receive leaders badges to show they are the role models for all of the younger years and Year Six too.  Those who are lucky enough to get one of these roles must be very committed to the role and do what is expected of them. For example; those who wanted to be a Cultural captain would either have to be an active choir member or learn an instrument at school.

To become Head Girl, students have to be responsible and make sure they never act inappropriately around younger kids.  The student elected to Head Girl will be required to  confidentially talk to people who are thinking about coming to our school. They must also know that being Head Girl means that you are representing the entire school on excursions. Head Girl is a very serious job but you can still have fun while you do it.

To be a captain you have to be prepared to put yourself forward. You must be happy to take time out of your lunch time and sometimes school time to prepare for events that you are expected to do.  You also must always catch up on work you missed for homework!!!



This week in Art we are focusing on woodwork.  Woodwork is difficult but extremely fun.

We started by cutting out a template on a piece of paper. After that, we traced the template onto balsa wood. We used balsa wood because it is thin, supple and easy to cut.

When we had finished that, we carved the wood with a stanley knife and glued the pieces together.  For the head, body and eyes we used foam balls.  Six people in our class were allowed to do dragonflies and the other fourteen made bees.

Most of the girls in my class are currently cutting and gluing. The gluing stage is very difficult because you have to be precise or the finished product will not fit together.

Woodwork has been challenging but has taught us several new skills. We are all excited and can’t wait to see our finished product.



On Thursday, the 13th of October, all of the excited year fives rode the bus to Parliament House and the Electoral Education Centre for an excursion. We were split up into two groups so that there were not too many people going to the same place at the same time. That was because we had three classes. I was in the group that was first to visit the Parliament House.

We were able to watch some of the parliament sessions they held in the Legislative Assembly and the Legislative Council from the gallery.  Straight after a wonderful berry muffin and juice, we walked over to the EEC, while the group that was there, walked over to Parliament House. The reason we walked was because the two buildings were next to each other.

When we were seated in a room we met this funny guy called Nigel. He taught us all we needed to know about elections. Once we knew how to vote, he gave us a ballot paper to vote for chocolates.  Those chocolates were Kit Kat, Mars Bar, Kinder Surprise and Milky Way. We had to number the chocolates from 1 to 4.  I, of course, chose Kit Kat as my favourite chocolate. The voting was really fun because at the end Kit Kat won. Yay!

After we voted, we headed over to a fake T.V news room. Once we walked in, we saw this robot lady dressed up to look like a news presenter. We then watched a movie and the lady started talking.

The whole excursion was really fun. It was pretty cool how the teachers were able to fit two excursions into one day. We all sang songs on the bus, mainly, ‘Ten Bottles.’  Everybody enjoyed the adventure, including me. We were pretty amazed to meet Colin Barnett, our premier of WA too.


Our Excursion To Parliament House And The Electoral Education Centre

On Thursday, the 13th of October, we visited Parliament House.  We toured the Legislative Assembly and the Legislative Council and both of the houses were huge.  We learnt many new things.  Our guide told us where one of the chandeliers came from and what kind of timber the swan on the floor was made of.

This excursion was for Civics which is about voting and laws. The huge Parliament House is very fancy. It has three floors with an amazing and very shiny staircase and two elevators that look as though they are golden.  There was an entire room with aboriginal paintings dedicated to aboriginals who were the first owners of our incredible country.

We were split into two groups. These were the Senate group and the House Of Representatives group and we swapped parts of the excursion halfway through. I was in the Senate group and we toured Parliament House first which was very educational but the second part was awesome and fun too.