There have been lots of exciting things happening in Junior Primary Drama this term!

The Pre-Primaries


The children in Pre-Primary have enjoyed experiencing their first drama lessons. They have been learning about good posture and breathing and how to use their imagination, voices and bodies to express themselves. Here the children can be seen reciting a poem, as well as portraying the sea and some sea creatures in a short musical story.

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Year Ones


This term the Year Ones, amongst other things, have been learning to improve their vocal skills and body awareness. They have also worked on communicating emotions through use of face, body and gesture. Here the children can be seen communicating “happiness”; as well as participating in a whole class improvisation about a Sand Sculpture Competition.


 And the Year Twos……


Have been having lots of fun! They have been participating in several whole class improvisations as well as creating their own scenes with a partner or small group. Here the children can be seen being “Pirates” finding Treasure. They can also be seen watching a pair perform the scene they created; as well as portraying various characters in a play set at the beach.