Month: February 2016

Thank You for the New Music Equipment


Thank you to our school community for your efforts in supplying stickers from your Woolworths shopping bags last year. They have now been turned into musical equipment for our music classroom. We sincerely appreciate your assistance because as you can see our Cultural Captains below are showing the new goodies that we can use in music lessons. We now have more djembes, music whiteboard staves (for writing music), a gong, a singing bowl, guitar picks, CD’s, musical scarves, and a thunder drum. So thank you again for your generosity and to the Woolworths Earn and Learn program!

2016 Cultural Captains displaying our new music equipment.


Early Childhood Music

What fun we are having!  Students learning the beat while singing – pretending to be elephants balancing on a piece of string!

Solo singing – Come to the farm and visit me and you will get a singing welcome!  However, you have to tell me if my sounds are short or long.IMG_9634Let’s Go Fly a Kite with our musical scarves!  Using our imagination to identify high notes and sounds while moving to the beat.


An Elephant Has Wrinkles- on his toes, knees, hips, shoulders, ears, trunk but not on their teeth!  keeping the beat while singing.  A favorite song.


Singing “Why yi yai yai yai?”


Elephant trunks with wrinkles!


Elephant toes with wrinkles!


A Fresh Start to Instrumental Music 2016

IMG_9624IMG_9620IMG_9608IMG_9616There was great musical excitement for years 3,4,5 & 6 in week 2 as many students had the opportunity to try out different instruments.  Our talented tutors gave demonstrations on each instrument and then allowed the students to “Have A Go”.  Many students have now taken opportunities to learn an instrument.  If you’re interested in learning please download the music enrolment form here: Music Enrolment Form  Further information is provided for you here:  Instrumental Music Information

“It was fun to watch everyone have a go.  It  was great to see our friends play the trombone and be surprised when they slided the trombone out to a low note -their eyes popped out of their head!…..The tutors were very cooperative, patient, and fair. They also played many cool songs and explained how to breathe when playing their particular instrument”  Cultural Captains 2016 Holly & Samara

JUNIOR DRAMA Term One 2016



The children in Pre-Primary have enjoyed experiencing their first drama lessons. They have been learning about Drama Class Rules – especially the most important one, which is to HAVE FUN! They have also been learning how to respond to the cue of the tambour and have had fun exploring the use of face, arms and body to express themselves in different situations and as different characters. Here the children can be seen expressing the most important rule. They can also be seen pretending to be different animals whilst acting out a story called “Going Home”

Remembering the Most Important Rule




This term the Year One children are learning to develop their vocal and body expression skills, their stage and audience awareness, as well as their arts responses and co-operative learning skills . They are also working on communicating emotion, situation and role through the use of face, body and gesture. Here the children can be seen reacting to some naughty run-away goats; role-playing at a picnic and arriving at a disco saying “Hi everyone I’m here!”




The Year Two children are going to have lots of fun in Drama this term! They will be participating in several whole class improvisations as well as creating their own scenes with a partner or small group. The children will also continue to work on improving their use of voice and body to express and communicate, as well as their performing, responding and co-operative learning skills. Here the children can be seen portraying sea creatures in creative movement; reciting a poem about ants; and being Sailors exploring an island and finding treasure.

"The ants won't like it and neither will you!
“The ants won’t like it and neither will you!”


Sailors Exploring an island

Sailors Exploring an island


"Look at these jewels!"

Being scary sea creatures