Month: March 2016

JUNIOR DRAMA Term One 2016 Blog No: 2

The Pre – Primaries
In the second half of Term One the Pre-Primary children have been building a variety of drama skills including listening and responding skills, developing verbal and movement skills via “Acting Out” several different stories – including one to music, participating in a variety of speech and breathing exercises as well as learning to become more spatially and audience aware. Here the children can be seen; Participating in a space awareness activity, “acting out” a tale about a boy and a dog called “Dogger” and portraying different sea creatures in a short story set to music.

Participating in a Space Awareness activity
Finding “Dogger” again
Dance Drama Being Sea Creatures
Being Sea Creatures

Year One
The Year One children are continuing to have fun developing their drama skills. They have been participating in role-play, speech and movement activities as well as small group and whole class improvisations. Here the children can be seen; Participating in a whole class improvisation about a Sand Sculpture Competition and another play about a day out at an imaginary boat harbour, rehearsing a short scene which they created and performed in pairs and opening a birthday present in a role-play activity.

“Hmm, there are some interesting sculptures here …”
Opening a Bday present
Opening a birthday present
Rehearsing Snippets
Rehearsing Snippets
A day out at an imaginary boat harbour

And the Year Twos……
The Year Two children are developing and improving their characterization and performance skills. Here the children can be seen; Being spectators at the zoo in a role-play activity, participating in a whole class improvisation set at the beach called “Be Careful of That Rip!”, as well as another play where they were portraying ants. They can also be seen rehearsing, performing and watching a short scene, created in pairs or small groups.

Be Careful of that Rip!
Be Careful of that Rip!
Creating and rehearsing a short scene in pairs
Being spectators at the zoo
Portraying hungry ants

St Patrick’s Day Celebrations

St Patrick's Day1
Some of our talented musicians from the primary school performed for parents and friends at the St Patrick’s Day 2016 celebrations “On the Green.”
St Patricks day 2
The Senior Special Choir with their choir director Mrs Perica. They sang a beautiful rendition of “A Blessing” while the year 4’s performed their liturgical dance at the St Patrick’s Day Mass. Entertainers for parents and friends afterwards “On The Green” included Irish Dancing and lots of violin playing by some of our primary school musicians.