Pre-Primary                                                                                                                                                                                                          The children in Pre-Primary have enjoyed experiencing their first drama lessons. They have been exploring imaginary worlds with voice, movement and role-play. They have been learning how to respond to the cue of the tambour and have had fun exploring the use of voice, face, arms and body to express themselves in different situations and as different characters. Here the children can be seen seen listening and responding to a story called “Going Home” which the children “acted out”, pretending to be characters and creatures in the story; learning about good speech, posture and breathing and responding to the cue to freeze in an animal shape.


















Year One

The Year One children are also exploring and developing the use of voice and movement to communicate  feelings and ideas effectively. They have been working on communicating emotion, situation and role through the use of face, body and gesture. In addition, the children have been practicing responding and thinking quickly and working co-operatively with others. They are continuing to develop their improvisation and performance skills through short activities, role-play and improvisation. Here the children can be seen reciting a poem about a “Mouse on the floor!”; Participating in a pair share activity about their favourite food and expressing the emotion “dreamily happy”.























And the Year Twos…

The Year Two children are raring to go in Drama this term! They have participated in several whole class improvisations already and will be creating their own scenes with a partner or small group. The children are continuing to work on improving their use of voice and body to express and communicate, as well as their  improvisational and performing skills. Here the children can be seen moving large boxes in a role-play; portraying pirates and exploring an island as part of a whole class improvisation.


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