PRE-PRIMARY                                                                                                                                                The Pre-Primary children have been having fun learning about time awareness in drama class. They found out that actors move at different paces depending on the situation and character they are playing. They have been role-playing various characters and acting out situations, working on using pace as well as voice, face, arms and body to tell the story. In the photos below, the children can be seen Acting Out a book called “Scaly-tailed Possum and Echidna”, as well as reciting a poem about bananas.

Possum seeing Echidna in his tree
Being bananas whilst reciting a poem

YEAR ONE                                                                                                                                     The Year One children have been developing their vocal, improvisation and performance skills. The children participated in a play set at school as well as creating, rehearsing and performing a short scene for their peers. Here they can be seen reciting a poem called “A Little Worm”, imagining themselves in the school playground and creating a short structured scene in pairs.

“… perhaps he’d like to come inside and see what’s on the telly?”
Participating in a structured improvisation set in the school playground.
Creating short scenes with a partner

YEAR TWO                                                                                                                                              The Year Two children have also been building their vocal, improvisation and performance skills. They have been exploring animal characterisations in a play where they were animals concerned about their forest home. Like the Year Ones, the Year Two children also created, rehearsed and performed a short scene for their peers. Here they can be seen reciting a poem called a “Baby Sardine”, portraying animal characters in the structured improvisation and rehearsing the scenes they created.

“A baby sardine saw a big submarine …”
The Year Two children portraying animals during rehearsals of the scene they created.
“Come on, the meeting is about to start!”