In the first half of Term Three the Pre-Primary children are exploring and experimenting with using their voices, different sorts of facial expressions, gestures, movements and actions to portray a variety of characters, including animals. They also learnt about a facet of Aboriginal Culture, via storytelling and “acting out”, parts of a Dreaming narrative belonging to the Walpiri people called “The Pangkarlangu and the Lost Child”. In addition, the children will be participating in a whole class structured improvisation, set a pet shop, where they are portraying animals looking for an owner, as well as the pet shop owner and a customer.

They can be seen here portraying kittens in a movement and role-play activity, chefs creating a dessert in another and being a little child eating and resting at home camp before setting out on a big journey.

Being kittens and relaxing
“This dessert will be the best ever!”
Acting out the story of “Pangkarlangu and the Lost Child”


The Year One and Year Two children are very busy in drama learning & rehearsing a musical play for their End of Year Music & Drama Concert in November. All Year One and Year Two students are performing in “The Pied Piper of Thompson’s Bay”; a fantastical story about the origins of a favourite mammal.  In the photos below, the Year One and Year Two children can be seen learning and practising different parts of the opening scene of the play.

Practising a parade ” … The people were very pleased with themselves …”
The children enjoy showing their knowledge of a piece of verse in the play ” Rats!!! …”
Having a stretch during a “Brain Break”
Three Storytellers



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