In the second half of Term Three the Pre-Primary children acted out a short story to music about being astronauts in space. They also participated in several whole class improvisations, including one where the children portrayed pirates on board their ship. They can be seen here practicing to be pirates and as astronauts landing their spaceship and exploring the planet.

“Ah Hahh me hearties!”
” .. and we have landed!”
“Look , over there!”



Preparations for the Junior Music and Drama Concert are well underway and proceeding very nicely. The Year One and Year Two children are almost script free in rehearsal for their musical “The Pied Piper of Thompson’s Bay”. The actions and movements of various groups around the stage are becoming increasingly confident. The children can sing all the songs and the actions to those songs are being memorized. They are becoming familiar with the various props being used and are developing the reactions of their character to the storyline. In the pictures below the children can be seen practising songs in the play and role-playing in a game, as part of a “Brain Break” during rehearsals.

“… sing me the songs I delighted to hear …”
Role-play as part of a drama game
“… and see the sun go down across the bay.”