Term Four in Drama has been action packed for everyone. The Pre-Primary children have participated in a Dance Drama and a whole class improvisation, as well as creating scenes in small groups. The Year Ones and Twos continued preparations for and then performed in their Junior Music & Drama End of Year Concert.


The Pre-Primary children have had fun in a Dance Drama where they portrayed traveling clowns. They also created short scenes in small groups, with teacher direction, which they then performed for the class. In addition, the children pretended to be American Indians in a short improvisation set in the village. Later in the term, the children will participate in several short whole class improvisations. One improvisation will see the PP children pretending to be Caterpillars emerging from their cocoons, whilst in another they will explore the garden looking for food, before finally transforming into butterflies.


Being a train in a Dance Drama about some Traveling Clowns
American Indians working in the village
Creating a scene in pairs as insects


The Year One and Two children continued to rehearse their play for the End of Year Music & Drama Concert. Then on Thursday evening the 9th November, in Treacey Hall, the children performed “The Pied Piper of Thomson’s Bay” for the school community. What a great effort you made children! Well Done!! It was a fantastic performance and the audience were very appreciative. In the weeks after the show, the children will watch videos of their performance and made guided evaluations of their participation in the rehearsals and performance. They will also work in small groups creating, rehearsing then performing a short scene for their peers. This will be a relaxing and fun way to end off drama for the year.

“You will sit and watch the moon rise on the mountains …”
“We’ll be scurrying round the mountain …”
“Rats! …Split open the packets of salted snacks …”
“High in the sky, apple pie hopes …”
The Storytellers