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2016 Junior and Senior Instrumental Concerts

It was a delight for the Iona community to listen to our budding Kindy to Year 6 musicians perform at the Junior and Senior Instrumental Concerts yesterday afternoon. Around 70 students performed on various instruments that included violin, cello, piano, guitar, bass guitar, drums, saxophone, trumpet, french horn, and voice. All students performed admirably with great professionalism. Congratulations to our instrumental students as well as your dedicated and passionate instrumental tutors. junior-instrumental-concert-2016


Celebrating Religious Life Concert 2016

Last term the students entertained the Presentation Sisters and other Orders from the metropolitan area for a concert and afternoon tea.  This event was to celebrate the Sister’s Religious Life as well as conveying thanks for the work they do in our communities.   The Sisters loved the variety of performances from our primary students which included choral singing, violin, piano, saxophone, ukulele, recorder, flute, and guitar to name a few.  Below are some snapshots of the afternoon for you all to enjoy.  Many thanks go to the students who prepared performances as well as the music teachers who assisted in the preparation of individual and ensemble/choir performances.  The afternoon tea was a great success with students intermingling with the Sisters. Also, sincere thanks to  parents who provided the delicious afternoon tea and Sr Catherine for coordinating the event.FotorCreated FotorCreated1 FotorCreated2 FotorCreated3Ce

Thank You for the New Music Equipment


Thank you to our school community for your efforts in supplying stickers from your Woolworths shopping bags last year. They have now been turned into musical equipment for our music classroom. We sincerely appreciate your assistance because as you can see our Cultural Captains below are showing the new goodies that we can use in music lessons. We now have more djembes, music whiteboard staves (for writing music), a gong, a singing bowl, guitar picks, CD’s, musical scarves, and a thunder drum. So thank you again for your generosity and to the Woolworths Earn and Learn program!

2016 Cultural Captains displaying our new music equipment.


A Fresh Start to Instrumental Music 2016

IMG_9624IMG_9620IMG_9608IMG_9616There was great musical excitement for years 3,4,5 & 6 in week 2 as many students had the opportunity to try out different instruments.  Our talented tutors gave demonstrations on each instrument and then allowed the students to “Have A Go”.  Many students have now taken opportunities to learn an instrument.  If you’re interested in learning please download the music enrolment form here: Music Enrolment Form  Further information is provided for you here:  Instrumental Music Information

“It was fun to watch everyone have a go.  It  was great to see our friends play the trombone and be surprised when they slided the trombone out to a low note -their eyes popped out of their head!…..The tutors were very cooperative, patient, and fair. They also played many cool songs and explained how to breathe when playing their particular instrument”  Cultural Captains 2016 Holly & Samara

Special Music Groups Perform at End of Year Concert

The Junior and Senior Choirs as well as our special Ukulele group performed at our End of Year Concert.  They sang beautiful harmonies captivating the audience.  Congratulations Girls!

Below is a section of the combined Junior and Senior Special Choir singing The Last Anzac with a special guest conductor!DSC_0911

The Junior Special Choir (Years 3 & 4) below singing a range of songs about caring for our earth.
IMG_6135The Senior Special Choir ( Years 5 & 6) below singing about shining your light to the world.

IMG_6156Ukuleles strumming and singing along to Christmas songs.

Jesus Rocks at Iona’s End of Year Concert

On November 26th all students from years 3,4, 5 & 6 performed in a fun musical Jesus This Is Your Life for Matinee and Twilight performances.  Here are some of the snippets from the performances and dress rehearsals.

Ray Marlin interviewed Jesus as he reflected upon the remarkable life of Jesus Christ. Ray surprises Jesus by interviewing his parents– Joseph and Mary, as well as the first Pope Peter and the Rabbi who he met at The Temple when he was 12.


Jesus caught up with John the Baptist and his gang of followers (year 3’s who sang Repent Repent – a calypso number).


Jesus met up with Peter, the fishermen, and his disciples.  They reminded Him of the time when Jesus told them to Cast their Nets on the other side of the boat through a rock and roll song performed by the Year 6’s complete with a saxophone duet.



Jesus is visited by his Peace loving friends ( Year 5’s)  from The Mount of Beatitudes.


Jesus is reminded of one of his most famous miracles – feeding 5000 people with five loaves of barley and two small fish. (Year 3’s singing 5000 people with fiddle bits performed by students)


Jesus remembers the parable of The Good Samaritan performed by Year 4’s.


Jesus reminds us of story about The Parable of the Talents performed by Year 6’s in a hoedown style.  Complete with A Capella singing performed by a small group of year 6 students.



Jesus meets his old friend Zaccheus through a Blues number performed by Year 5’s (dress rehearsal below)l.  Also the song was accompanied by year 5 marimba players.


Jesus encounters “Doubting Thomas” performed by Year 4’s.



Iona Students at the Spring Suzuki Conference in Perth

Congratulations to Ava (4A), Chloe (4B), Max (2A), Anya (2B) and Elizabeth (PP) for giving up time in their holidays to attend the Spring Suzuki Conference held at PLC, to play their violin with Guest Suzuki Teacher Koen Rens who came all the way from Belgium to share his love of music.  It was impossible to not have a wonderful time with such an infectiously positive and energetic teacher and everyone has returned to school inspired to play more beautifully.  Well done all on a fantastic end of conference concert, it was so full of life.

Mrs Susannah Endersby (Violin Teacher)

Catholic Performing Arts Festival 2015

Senior Special Choir 2015In August the Junior and the Senior Choirs from Iona Primary performed brilliantly at the Catholic Performing Arts Festival.  There were many other choirs from metropolitan and country primary schools.  Our Senior Special Choir sang “A Blessing” and “Old Piano Man” for which they received an Honourable Mention.  The Junior Special Choir sang “Gecko” and “Friends Forever” and receive a Certificate of Merit.  Congratulations to all choir members – a fantastic day and effort by all.

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 12.17.26 pm