Honoring Past Students

On 16th September the Year 5/6 Senior Choir and an ensemble of instrumentalists (violin, flute and guitar) from the primary school gathered at Corpus Christi Church Mosman Park to sing at the Mass for the Golden Girls (students who attended Iona Presentation College 50 Years Ago). It was a great honor for the primary students to sing and play at this celebration. Choristers and musicians are to be commended for their tuneful singing and playing. Year 3 students also performed a reverent liturgical dance while the Year 5/6 Choir sang “A Blessing” song.

2016 Junior and Senior Instrumental Concerts

It was a delight for the Iona community to listen to our budding Kindy to Year 6 musicians perform at the Junior and Senior Instrumental Concerts yesterday afternoon. Around 70 students performed on various instruments that included violin, cello, piano, guitar, bass guitar, drums, saxophone, trumpet, french horn, and voice. All students performed admirably with great professionalism. Congratulations to our instrumental students as well as your dedicated and passionate instrumental tutors. junior-instrumental-concert-2016


JUNIOR DRAMA Term Three Blog No. 2


In the second half of Term Three the Pre-Primary children acted out a short story to music about being astronauts in space. They also portrayed pirates on board their ship in a whole class improvisation as well as learning several poems. They can be seen here portraying famous astronauts and pirates finding treasure.






Rehearsals for the Junior Music and Drama Concert are well underway and going very well. Both the Year One and Year Two children are almost script free in their rehearsals. They have learnt all the songs. Choreography to the songs, actions and movements around the stage are being memorized and the sections of each play are being linked. The children are becoming familiar with the various props being used and are developing the reactions of their character to the storyline. They can be seen rehearsing in the pictures below.

Year Two: "... True Love, True Love ..."
Year Two: “… Oh dear, what can the matter be …”
The animals and Cinderella in the kitchen
Year Two: The animals and Cinderella in the kitchen
"We're NOT going to stay and eat with you!"
Year One: “We’re NOT going to stay and eat with you!”
"... and we'll live in a world all our own ..."
Year One: “… and we’ll live in a world all our own …”


Catholic Performing Arts Festival 2016

CAPF photoThe Junior and Senior choirs from Iona Primary performed at the Catholic Performing Arts Festival in Balcatta on August 18.  They performed in a section with a selection of other choirs from the metropolitan and country areas from WA.  Our students performed admirably with the Junior Choir achieving a Certificate of Merit and the Senior Choir being given an Honourable Mention Award.  Congratulations choristers!

JUNIOR DRAMA Term Three 2016 Blog No. 1


In the first half of Term Three the Pre-Primary children learnt about a facet of Aboriginal Culture, via storytelling and “acting out” parts of a Dreaming narrative belonging to the Walpiri people, called “The Pangkarlangu and the Lost Child”. They also participated in a whole class structured improvisation, set on the farm, where they were portraying farm workers doing various jobs. They can be seen here portraying kittens in a role-play; being cosy in Pangkarlangu’s cave and participating in another improvisation about a Pet Shop.


















The Year One and Year Two children are very busy in drama learning & rehearsing musical plays for their End of Year Music & Drama Concert in November. The Year Ones are performing “The Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe”, an amusing story about a class excursion that becomes an adventure. The Year Two children are presenting the well-known fairy tale “Cinderella” – but with a slight difference. In the photos below, the Year One and Year Two children can be seen rehearsing their plays.





Celebrating Religious Life Concert 2016

Last term the students entertained the Presentation Sisters and other Orders from the metropolitan area for a concert and afternoon tea.  This event was to celebrate the Sister’s Religious Life as well as conveying thanks for the work they do in our communities.   The Sisters loved the variety of performances from our primary students which included choral singing, violin, piano, saxophone, ukulele, recorder, flute, and guitar to name a few.  Below are some snapshots of the afternoon for you all to enjoy.  Many thanks go to the students who prepared performances as well as the music teachers who assisted in the preparation of individual and ensemble/choir performances.  The afternoon tea was a great success with students intermingling with the Sisters. Also, sincere thanks to  parents who provided the delicious afternoon tea and Sr Catherine for coordinating the event.FotorCreated FotorCreated1 FotorCreated2 FotorCreated3Ce

Walking Down the Street in Kindy Music

IMG_0945 Students looking for a partner as they “Walk Down the Street”  to the beat of the song.IMG_0949Students sliding as they sing “Walking Down the Street” to the beat of the song.IMG_0953Found that partner!  Students move to uneven rhythms as they jig around with their partner while singing the song.