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A wonderful night was had by all those who attended the P & F Water Slide event on Friday Night.  There was a huge turnout by our Iona families and lots of fun to be had on the slides.  The mild start to Friday had us all a little worried but by 3.30pm the conditions were perfect for some fast and furious sliding!  Children showed no fear as they navigated the entry to the respective slides and some fast speeds were clocked on the way down.  It was wonderful to see some parents enjoying themselves on the slide too with their children.  The strong attendance showed great support for the work of the P & F with many parents and children asking for this to be an annual event!

Our blogging journey is under-way with the the Year 1’s being the the first of the classes to post, early last week.  They did a wonderful job and if you haven’t had the chance, please visit their page to look at their blog –  The students have been very excited by the feedback provided from around the world via the comments left on their posting and have been keen to answer questions left for them.  As a new medium to many of us, blogging is an easy way for you to be kept up to date about student learning. I’m so proud that  our Year 1’s are leading the way – blogs from the rest of the school will be available over the next week or two.

The long weekend has been perfectly timed so I trust you will  all enjoy a restful 3 day break and return refreshed for the last 5 weeks of term.

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  1. Well done and thank you to the P&F for a wonderful event!

    What a fun and exciting way to raise some funds and reconnect with friends at the start of the new school year. I agree – let’s do it all again next year!!

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