NAPLAN commences for children in Years 3 & 5 from May 12 to 15   Results are a snapshot of a child’s performance on the testing day and they certainly don’t tell you everything about a student which I’m sure you all realise.  The test provides information on student performance in literacy and numeracy however, it doesn’t have the capacity to measure a child’s personal qualities which are equally as important.  Creativity, resilience, persistence, courage, compassion, enthusiasm, resourcefulness the list goes on …….. are essential skills, too.  If you would like the complete picture of how your child is going in class, please make an appointment to speak with their teacher.


The class blogs have been a wonderful way to share with the school community what is going on in the classrooms.  I have been amazed by what I have read and the various formats that have been used to share information.  Last week, I had the opportunity to see our digital leaders using a programme that turned carrots into a keyboard which they proceeded to play!  All I can say is innovation is alive and well in our school!

Maggie Dent Parent Evening

Building resilience and self esteem in today’s children (10 Resilience Building Blocks)  will be the subject of a presentation by Maggie Dent in Treacey Hall on Friday, May 15 from 7-9 pm. Are you worried, confused or concerned about parenting in today’s chaotic world? Children need to have certain basic experiences to build the competencies that will help them manage life — the good, the bad and the ugly.

Popular Australian parenting author and educator Maggie Dent published her bestselling book, Real Kids in an Unreal World, to help guide parents in raising children who are happy, healthy, strong, kind and resilient. In this seminar, she will explore her common-sense, practical model of 10 building blocks for children birth-12 to build resilience. She’ll offer practical, common-sense ideas and strategies to make small changes in your home, which will make a big difference to your children’s cognitive, physical, psychological, emotional and social health later in life.  Please click here for further information.

Future Problem Solving (FPS)

In just a few short weeks, the Future Problem Solver team (FPS), will be heading off to compete on the international stage for the second consecutive year!  As National Champions, the Iona students have been invited to represent Australia in the International competition to be held in Iowa, USA, in June 2015.

In order to attain this success, the students have been working industriously, studying and researching the topic of Intellectual Property in order to prepare for the 2 hour examination. They will be competing against over 50 junior teams from around the world.  If parents are aware of any organisations who might like to assist with our fund raising efforts,  please let me know.

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