Today we let our hair hang down for a great cause – the Sisters’ Shelter House. The hairstyles were colourful, zany and a source of great mirth about the place.  The ingenuity of our families never ceases to amaze me.  Thank you all for the generous donations which will be passed on to the Sisters’ House very shortly.

Crazy hair

Extra Long Weekend

A reminder that next week we will be enjoying an extra long – long weekend.  Friday May 29 is a Professional Development Day for staff and Monday June 1 is Western Australia Day and a public holiday.  We hope our families enjoy the additional time together.

Sand Play

Many of the students have been delighted with the addition of the “big” sandbox and it is certainly a hive of activity at both recess and lunch times.  A variety of different bits and pieces will be placed in the box for students to use, with the theme of the box changing weekly to keep students engaged.  Sand play is a sensory experience that allows children to use their imagination and creativity.  It is also a wonderful way for students to collaborate, build social skills and test hypotheses. Many thanks to Nicole C. for her wonderful idea and hard work shovelling all the sand!


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