Welcome back to the start of a brand new term. I hope that everyone has had a very relaxing break and had the opportunity to spend some quality time over the holidays with their families. The children (and, more so, the parents) seem happy and excited to be back at school and have spent the week busily catching up with friends and teachers (at recess and lunchtime, of course!)

Term 3 has commenced smoothly and both teachers and students have resumed school routines. The school timetable seems to become busier and busier as the years progress and this term is no different. Please checkout our Term 3 Planner on our school website (available in both PDF format for download or as a calendar version for those of us who prefer to check it regularly) to find out more about current events.

We extend a warm welcome to Miss Lauren McGregor who has joined our staff. Lauren has taken the helm of the Year 4B class. When she came to meet her class last term, I had to look around to see if someone from One Direction was behind me, as the girls were shrieking and cheering. Good start, Miss McGregor!

We congratulate Michael Graffin on being recognised as an Emerging Leader by the International Society for Technology Education (ISTE) in Philadelphia, USA. Michael works extremely hard behind the scenes assisting our teachers in integrating ICT into their lessons. He presented projects that he had developed with teachers at Iona at the ISTE 2015 Conference.


At the end of last term, all parents would have received their child’s Semester 1 Report. Hopefully, parents have had the time to discuss this report with their child/children. Communication between the home and school is vital in maintaining a healthy and positive climate within the school. Parents are encouraged to make an appointment if they have any concerns about their child’s progress, as are teachers encouraged to contact parents if they have a concern at any stage through the school year about an individual child in their class.


On behalf of the school community, I would like to thank the P&F for their work in raising money that benefits the students at Iona. Every member of the community is welcome to attend any P&F meeting. The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 18 August at 3.30pm.

The next function of the P&F is the Cocktail Fundraiser. Tickets available now on: Trybooking.com/Booking/BookingEventSummary.aspx?eid=146664Please see flyer for details.


Classrooms open from 8.30am

Recess from 10.40am – 11.05am

Lunch time from 12.50pm – 1.30pm

School finishes 3.20pm

Please note:

Staff Meetings are held each Monday afternoon from 3.45pm

Staff gather for prayer at 8.15am on a Thursday


We are very happy to allow children to use the play equipment before and after school. We do, though, require that parents actively supervise their children at these times (we did have a couple of children last term test their climbing abilities by reaching the roof of the sports shed after school. A temporary barrier has since been erected). The embankment is off limits to the children and we would appreciate parents directing their children away from this area.

We look forward to continuing this extra play under the watchful eyes of their parents (particularly after school) and the wonderful community spirit that evolves from this practice.


Pupil Free Day on MONDAY 24 AUGUST

Enjoy the week!


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