Month: November 2015

Iona girls shine on the national and international stage

The Future Problem Solving Program at Iona in 2015 proved to be highly successful. Iona, as National Champions, represented Australia in 2015 at the International Conference in Iowa, finishing 24th from 57 teams.


Mr John Hughes, once again, has been a very generous sponsor of our students enabling them to have the opportunity to compete against the best in the world. We were so proud to have Mr Hughes address our FPS/ Opti-MINDS Assembly, reminding us of the importance of backing one’s own judgement. At the assembly, Mr Hughes presented our students with certificates, recognising their outstanding achievements. We would like to thank Mr Hughes once again for his support.

Our Year 6 FPS team also competed at National Finals in Brisbane this year. The girls finished 3rd in Australia and were invited to compete at the International Conference 2016 in Michigan, USA. Our MAGIC competitior attained 1st place. A wonderful effort by all the girls!

Not to be outdone, our Opti-MINDS teams also proved that the pursuit of excellence often results in success. Our three teams all made State Finals. Science Engineering received State Honours, and our Language Literature and Social Sciences teams won the State Finals. These two teams were invited to compete at the National Finals in Brisbane. Both teams received Australian Honours and a silver medal for their second place finish. What a great year!

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Happy Presentation Day!


We wish all the Presentation Sisters a wonderful Feast Day today. It was such a wonderful opportunity for us to celebrate Mass with Iona Presentation College this morning. To see our beautiful Iona students from Year 1 through to Year 10 coming together in the presence of the Sisters was very warming.

For families new to the school, the rich traditions of the Presentation Sisters are entwined in our school culture. The Presentation story stretches back to the mid 1700’s when Nano Nagle and her companions, moved by the poverty that existed in Ireland at thet time, started schools for the poor. Nano was aware of the plight of the children, particularly the girls, who were often abused and mistreated. At the time, education for Catholic children was illegal and Nano and her colleagues risked considerable punishment for breaking the English law of the time.

Nano spent her life working for the poor and underprivileged, particularly in education. Today, Iona Presentation Primary School stands as a testament to the charism of Nano Nagle and the Presentation Sisters through the values of excellence, compassion, hospitality and justice. As a school, we strive to deliver excellence through our curriculum, a sense of justice in our dealings with others, compassion through our outreach programs and a warm and welcoming community for all.

We send all our prayers and best wishes to the Presentation Sisters on this special day.