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The Hour of Code is a global event involving millions of students from over 180 countries. During the week of Dec 3-12, students (and teachers) around the world are encouraged to spend an hour learning how to problem solve, create, and collaborate with code. Not every child is destined to be a coder; however, we believe that the fundamental skills they learn through coding can make a real difference later in life.


Here at Iona PS, we took the opportunity to introduce students in Year 2, 3 4, and 5 to coding via, robotics, and a variety of age-appropriate iPad coding apps. We were delighted by students’ extremely positive response to the Hour of Code. Many are already looking forward to coding activities next year!

Learning how to control Sphero
ScratchJr proved incredibly popular (and powerful)!
The Year 4’s loved the Minecraft Hour of Code Challenge
The certificates went down well too!

2 Comments on Celebrating the #hourofcode at @IonaPrimary

  1. The coding learning looks like fantastic fun. More girls are finding themselves more and more interested in coding and pursuing more scientific careers. Go girls. The world is your oyster.

    I am Teaching Principal of Tipperary Station School and our girls (3 of them!) don’t always have access to reliable internet. Especially in the wet season. Our internet can be out for up to a week.

    You are very lucky!

    • Gee, no internet for a week … Not sure I’d cope!

      Do you have access to iPads? There are some great free(ish) coding apps that don’t require Internet access.

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