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Celebrating the #hourofcode at @IonaPrimary

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The Hour of Code is a global event involving millions of students from over 180 countries. During the week of Dec 3-12, students (and teachers) around the world are encouraged to spend an hour learning how to problem solve, create, and collaborate with code. Not every child is destined to be a coder; however, we believe that the fundamental skills they learn through coding can make a real difference later in life.


Here at Iona PS, we took the opportunity to introduce students in Year 2, 3 4, and 5 to coding via, robotics, and a variety of age-appropriate iPad coding apps. We were delighted by students’ extremely positive response to the Hour of Code. Many are already looking forward to coding activities next year!

Learning how to control Sphero
ScratchJr proved incredibly popular (and powerful)!
The Year 4’s loved the Minecraft Hour of Code Challenge
The certificates went down well too!

“We believe you don’t have to be a boy to be good at robotics!” – LEGO Robotics 2016

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Earlier this term, Mr Graffin, and several Year 5 girls attended the WA tournament of the FIRST LEGO League (FLL), held at Curtin University. Run by FIRST Australia, this tournament is part of a national and international student robotics competition which focuses on high level problem solving, critical thinking, coding, and finding solutions to real world problems, such as natural disasters, and trash.


Today, we are delighted to announce that our upper primary robotics girls have been successful in their application for a FIRST LEGO League Robotics grant. Awarded by FIRST Australia in partnership with Google, the FLL grant includes a LEGO EV3 Mindstorms robot, a practice challenge kit, and free FLL registration -worth about $1200.

At this stage, we plan to take at least one team of Year 6 girls to the FLL 2016 competition. More details on this exciting opportunity will be released at the start of the 2016 school year. Stay tuned!

We would like to thank Tim Keely, from Curtin University Engineering Outreach, for inspiring our girls’ successful application to compete in the FIRST LEGO League.


Indonesian Cultural Visit from Iona Presentation College

On Monday, a group of Year 7 Indonesian Immersion students from Iona Presentation College visited our Year 3, 4 and 5 classes, introducing students to Indonesian culture. The students taught the children a traditional game called congklak, which is played with a wooden game board. They also played a game called “Bing, Bang, Bong”, exploring how to count in Indonesian.

In 2016, Iona PS will be trialling the introduction of Cultural Studies, which will involve the teaching of Indonesian culture and language from PP to Year 6.

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Iona girls shine on the national and international stage

The Future Problem Solving Program at Iona in 2015 proved to be highly successful. Iona, as National Champions, represented Australia in 2015 at the International Conference in Iowa, finishing 24th from 57 teams.


Mr John Hughes, once again, has been a very generous sponsor of our students enabling them to have the opportunity to compete against the best in the world. We were so proud to have Mr Hughes address our FPS/ Opti-MINDS Assembly, reminding us of the importance of backing one’s own judgement. At the assembly, Mr Hughes presented our students with certificates, recognising their outstanding achievements. We would like to thank Mr Hughes once again for his support.

Our Year 6 FPS team also competed at National Finals in Brisbane this year. The girls finished 3rd in Australia and were invited to compete at the International Conference 2016 in Michigan, USA. Our MAGIC competitior attained 1st place. A wonderful effort by all the girls!

Not to be outdone, our Opti-MINDS teams also proved that the pursuit of excellence often results in success. Our three teams all made State Finals. Science Engineering received State Honours, and our Language Literature and Social Sciences teams won the State Finals. These two teams were invited to compete at the National Finals in Brisbane. Both teams received Australian Honours and a silver medal for their second place finish. What a great year!

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Happy Presentation Day!


We wish all the Presentation Sisters a wonderful Feast Day today. It was such a wonderful opportunity for us to celebrate Mass with Iona Presentation College this morning. To see our beautiful Iona students from Year 1 through to Year 10 coming together in the presence of the Sisters was very warming.

For families new to the school, the rich traditions of the Presentation Sisters are entwined in our school culture. The Presentation story stretches back to the mid 1700’s when Nano Nagle and her companions, moved by the poverty that existed in Ireland at thet time, started schools for the poor. Nano was aware of the plight of the children, particularly the girls, who were often abused and mistreated. At the time, education for Catholic children was illegal and Nano and her colleagues risked considerable punishment for breaking the English law of the time.

Nano spent her life working for the poor and underprivileged, particularly in education. Today, Iona Presentation Primary School stands as a testament to the charism of Nano Nagle and the Presentation Sisters through the values of excellence, compassion, hospitality and justice. As a school, we strive to deliver excellence through our curriculum, a sense of justice in our dealings with others, compassion through our outreach programs and a warm and welcoming community for all.

We send all our prayers and best wishes to the Presentation Sisters on this special day.

Open Night


Schools are busy places (as I particularly discovered this week). Today, for the first time, I had a calendar that was not chock full of meetings. Relief, I thought! Time to catch up on some of that paperwork that has been slowly accumulating on my desk (my inexperience is definitely showing). Then the dreaded phone call – some Year One students would like to show me their work. After looking at the growing pile of papers on my desk, I reluctantly said I was available. Within 5 minutes, my quiet office (still with the pile of papers on my desk) was transformed into a vibrant hub of activity as excited ‘little people’ showed me their spelling words and beautiful handwriting. The excitement and pride in their work was so evident that I felt guilty about even thinking that this was just another interruption to my day.

There are lots of sayings that beautifully encapsulate this ‘busyness’ that takes over our lives – ‘take time to smell the roses’ or ‘can’t see the forest for the trees’ are just two.   Sometimes, I think you need to take a step backward to see clearly what is important so that you can move forward. Thank you Year One, for enlightening me on what is really important.

As a community, we have a busy week ahead. In particular, I’d like to invite parents to become involved in the Strategic Planning Meeting scheduled for Tuesday evening from 6.30 – 8.00pm. This is an opportunity for parents to tell us what they value about Iona and assist us in looking at new directions. Even if you have not responded that you are coming, everyone is most welcome to turn up on the night.

Our Open Night is on this Thursday. We have lots happening around the school on this night – from concerts, to Book Fairs, to technology displays, to a sausage sizzle (and we haven’t even mentioned your child’s classroom yet). Please see the website/Facebook page for more details.

We have a special whole school Mass organised for Tuesday 8th September – a celebration of the Birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Parents are most welcome to join us in celebrating this Liturgy of the Eucharist as a faith-filled community.

Lastly (but definitely not the least important), congratulations to the girls who participated in the Future Problem Solving competition earlier in the term. We have just been notified that they have gone through to the Nationals and will be off to Brisbane to compete in October. Well done, girls!

Mrs Jennifer Anderson

Derby Weekend

Dear Parents

It is wonderful to watch the school spring into life with the enthusiastic coming together of students, parents and teachers each morning.  We are blessed to have such an inviting community.  The charism of the Presentation Sisters is alive and well in the school and we pray that we continue to be Presentation people in all we say and do.

On Saturday 15 August we celebrate The Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. This feast day celebrates Mary’s Assumption into heaven and the Church has made this a holy day of obligation. Mary loved God and always trusted in Him, doing all that God would want of her. Although she became the Mother of Jesus, Mary was a simple woman who lived according to the customs and traditions of her Jewish faith. On the Feast of the Assumption, we remember and celebrate that Mary was taken into heaven, body and soul, by God. This special privilege was given to her because of her sinless life and total trust in God.  May we follow Mary in her true selfless faith in God.

Thank you to all the students and teachers who dressed in their footy colours today.  The money raised by the children will support one of the Sister’s charities.  I’m not biased, but I’m sure that purple outnumbered blue/gold at least 3 to 1 (I won’t mention the few Hawthorn supporters who managed to slip past me this morning before I could bolt the gate).

To all our families, may you have a wonderful derby weekend…GO DOCKERS!

Jennifer Anderson

Welcome Back To School

Welcome back to the start of a brand new term. I hope that everyone has had a very relaxing break and had the opportunity to spend some quality time over the holidays with their families. The children (and, more so, the parents) seem happy and excited to be back at school and have spent the week busily catching up with friends and teachers (at recess and lunchtime, of course!)

Term 3 has commenced smoothly and both teachers and students have resumed school routines. The school timetable seems to become busier and busier as the years progress and this term is no different. Please checkout our Term 3 Planner on our school website (available in both PDF format for download or as a calendar version for those of us who prefer to check it regularly) to find out more about current events.

We extend a warm welcome to Miss Lauren McGregor who has joined our staff. Lauren has taken the helm of the Year 4B class. When she came to meet her class last term, I had to look around to see if someone from One Direction was behind me, as the girls were shrieking and cheering. Good start, Miss McGregor!

We congratulate Michael Graffin on being recognised as an Emerging Leader by the International Society for Technology Education (ISTE) in Philadelphia, USA. Michael works extremely hard behind the scenes assisting our teachers in integrating ICT into their lessons. He presented projects that he had developed with teachers at Iona at the ISTE 2015 Conference.


At the end of last term, all parents would have received their child’s Semester 1 Report. Hopefully, parents have had the time to discuss this report with their child/children. Communication between the home and school is vital in maintaining a healthy and positive climate within the school. Parents are encouraged to make an appointment if they have any concerns about their child’s progress, as are teachers encouraged to contact parents if they have a concern at any stage through the school year about an individual child in their class.


On behalf of the school community, I would like to thank the P&F for their work in raising money that benefits the students at Iona. Every member of the community is welcome to attend any P&F meeting. The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 18 August at 3.30pm.

The next function of the P&F is the Cocktail Fundraiser. Tickets available now on: see flyer for details.


Classrooms open from 8.30am

Recess from 10.40am – 11.05am

Lunch time from 12.50pm – 1.30pm

School finishes 3.20pm

Please note:

Staff Meetings are held each Monday afternoon from 3.45pm

Staff gather for prayer at 8.15am on a Thursday


We are very happy to allow children to use the play equipment before and after school. We do, though, require that parents actively supervise their children at these times (we did have a couple of children last term test their climbing abilities by reaching the roof of the sports shed after school. A temporary barrier has since been erected). The embankment is off limits to the children and we would appreciate parents directing their children away from this area.

We look forward to continuing this extra play under the watchful eyes of their parents (particularly after school) and the wonderful community spirit that evolves from this practice.


Pupil Free Day on MONDAY 24 AUGUST

Enjoy the week!



Many thanks to the parents who have responded to the survey circulated earlier in the week.  I like to hear community thoughts on how we are going, and as the school looks to the creation of a new strategic plan, there will be more opportunities to hear from you.  The feedback from parents on the web page has been particularly positive especially in relation to the blog and calendar of events.  A few families have indicated that the old newsletter style was the preferred option.  With this in mind and by way of a compromise, I will publish a fortnightly newsletter  styled publication which will be available under the newsletter section and will be added to the admin blog.  The document will contain the important dates for the following two weeks, it will highlight upcoming events and will provide information and reminders that are timely for parents.  The calendar will remain on the blog so parents can check events scheduled beyond that period of time.  Classroom teachers will continue to provide information on classroom information via the class blog and P & F information will also be published on our web page for interested parents.  I hope this change will complement the current web page content  and support improved communication with all our families.  Please leave your thoughts in the comment box so we know if this is helpful and subscribe to the blog so that you are notified when this blog is updated.

Our modified newsletter can be found by clicking the link

Enjoy the long weekend!