Open night

A few weeks ago our school had open night. As digital captains we put on a show with the dash robot we got. We made a catwalk with cardboard, spray paint and 7 bottles of glitter. We made outfits for the robot that we named Frelinda, we made the outfits out of fabric and they were a huge hit! We had workshops with MakeyMakey’s, Bee bots, Little bits, maker space and Lego.

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 8.58.52 am

-Jacqui & Desert

Makey Makey Mania

These past few weeks we’ve been playing with our teacher (Mr Graffin’s) newest toy that’s called a makey makey. It’s really cool and it uses electrical circuits to work. First off there is a control panel that you plug into the computer with metal panels that you clip wires to and they have arrows and click and space and on the back it has letters. You clip the wires onto the control panel and then the other end into a conductor like a potato or carrot. You then clip another wire onto the “earth” panel and then attach the other end of the earth wire to yourself. When you touch the potato or carrot it controls the computer. This works by the control panel generating electrons that flow through the negative end of the control panel and then through the earth wire. It then flows  through your body because your body is made up of about 60% water which is a conductor. It then flows through your finger into the potato or carrot and since the potato is connected through the wire back to the control panel that is connected to the computer it controls the computer. -Jacqui

MaKey MaKey’s!

 When I think of Makey Makey a lot of things comes to my mind! Makey Makeys are extremely fun but utterly BONKERS! You can turn carrots into a piano, potatoes into a keyboard and pac man game controls and anything you can think of you can do it with a Makey Makey. We are hoping that we can convince Ms Walsh if we can hopefully buy a couple more Makey Makeys to show and teach other children to have a infinite imagination. Jacqui and I are very creative and love to explore the world.



Hello everybody

Hello I’m Jacqui. I am a Digital Captain at a school in Perth with my friend Desert, this is my avatar! I have blue eyes and brownish gold hair. My favourite type of hairstyle is piggy tails and my favourite flowers are daisies because the majority of them are white, and white is my favourite colour. I am usually happy and bouncy.


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My Avatar!

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Hi I am Desert, one of Iona’s Digital Captains in Perth near Fremantle.This is my avatar that represents… well me! I have brown hair and most of the the time I will put it in a bun or plaits, I am a smiley, giggly, bubbly girl and I always have a smile on my face. I love all types of patterns including stripes and spotty dots 🙂

Being the first Digital Captain with Jacqui has been a blast so far. We have been looking at the blogging challenges and learning how to use a blog! We are very grateful that we have an awesome teacher to help us with tricky situations and guide us through how a blog works.