What is a blog?

Blogs are like online journals, where classroom teachers and students can share posts in reverse chronological order. The blog sidebar contains links to past posts, recent comments, and a map showing students’ local and global readership.

Parents are strongly encouraged to subscribe to their child’s classroom blog by email. You will receive automatic notifications of new posts in your inbox, eliminating the need to check the blog each week.

Why blog?

Iona PS views classroom blogs as 21st century online publishing spaces, which provide an authentic platform to share students’ learning, photos, and work with parents, community members, and the wider world. Our Kindergarten blog is private, password protected; and our blogs from Pre-Primary to Year 6 classroom blogs are public.

Classroom blogging will enable parents to view and comment on their children’s classroom learning activities. It will help students improve their literacy and ICT skills, and enable them to learn about appropriate online behaviours through connecting and sharing with authentic global audiences. The introduction of classroom blogging is an important step forward to establish the school’s global online presence.

Online Safety

Keeping our students’ personal information private is our utmost priority.

The following blogging guidelines have been established to help protect our students as they learn how to safely and responsibly connect and communicate online through their classroom blog.

  • Students will only be identified by their first name.
  • Students will not publish personal details about themselves, including their surname, phone number, birth date, or address in blog posts or comments.
  • Students will not be individually identified in photographs or videos.
  • Student blog posts/comments will be checked by the classroom teacher before they are published on the blog.
  • Parents who leave comments are asked to use their first name only, so as not to identify their child. For example, Kelly – Sarah’s Mum, rather that Kelly Saunders – Sarah’s Mum.
  • All commenters must be polite and respectful, and endeavour to use proper English at all times.
  • Parents are asked to proofread their child’s blog posts/comment when posting from home.
  • Other people’s creative works will not be used without permission, and will be properly attributed.

Posting of students’ work, photographs, and multimedia will be subject to parental opt-out, as outlined in the Iona PS ICT Agreement, available on the school website.

If you have any questions or concerns about publishing your child’s image, work, and multimedia online, please contact the Principal.



Kathleen Morris and Kelly Jordan (2011). Blog Guidelines   Creative Commons License