Welcome to Iona PS Robotics for 2017

The Iona PS robotics program is back for 2017, with 12 excited, promising new members from Year 5 and Year 6. The “Robotic Rebels”, with several new members, are returning this year; and our new mixed Years 5-6 team, “No Signal”, voted on their team name and logo last week. Welcome aboard girls!

Forays into Mindstorms Programming

With so many new members this year, we ran separate first-year and second-year EV3 programming challenges through Term 1. After exploring the use of flowcharts in robotics programming, our first-year students worked through the Drag Race and Maze Challenges, before exploring the use of the touch and ultrasonic sensors. Apparently, it is lots of fun to drive robots at walls (IF you know how to stop!)


Our second-year students explored intermediate to advanced programming techniques, including displaying text on the robot’s screen, using data wires to transfer sensor information into data or maths blocks, and proportional line following techniques. Amazingly, one girl recently managed to solve the incredibly difficult line follow challenge on our robotics mat – using 2 sensor proportional line following! Once again, I’d like to thank @EV3Lessons … whose resources help make this program possible!


Drag Racing Robots!

Towards the end of last term, both the Year 5s and Year 6s had their first taste of programming with the LEGO Mindstorms software. Their first challenge was to work out how to program their robots to move forwards and backwards; and how to measure distances with the units of seconds, degrees, and rotations.

The second part of the challenge was the robot drag race. Students had to program their robot to move forward, stop precisely on the line for one second, and then go backwards and stop precisely on the start line. As the videos below show – this wasn’t as easy as we thought!

Here are some of the highlights of our first Move Straight Challenge!

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Oh, and as an aside, check out the new posters in our lab! IMG_20160314_190558